How to Get Permanent Marker Out of Clothes

How to Get Permanent Marker Out of Clothes – Removing Ink From Fabric

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If you have managed to get permanent marker stains all over your clothes, you may be wondering if you will ever be able to get the stain out. We are happy to inform you that even though permanent marker inks are “permanent”, they can in fact be removed. Our step-by-step instructions in this article will teach you how to get permanent marker out of clothes in a fast and easy way. We will also explain how to get dry erase marker out of clothes as well as all the ways to get a sharpie of fabric.



How to Get Permanent Marker Out of Clothes

It’s quite easy to get permanent marker on your clothing. Nonetheless, sharpie removal from clothes might be a difficult task at times. So, how to remove sharpie from clothes? There are several ways to remove permanent marker from clothes including using alcohol, hairsprays, milk as well as bleach all of which are explained in detail in this post.

Getting Permanent Marker Out of Clothes



When it comes to removing marker from clothing, this is the procedure that is most often utilized. When selecting hairsprays to utilize for this purpose, look for ones that have a high percentage of alcohol since they are more effective in this application. Furthermore, hairspray is often the most effective method of removing stains from polyester or poly-blend clothing. When selecting a hairspray, look for one that has a pump rather than one that sprays out of an aerosol spray bottle.

  1. Begin by laying the clothing flat on a table or other level surface. In addition, make certain that the surface is hard, and a cloth or towel must be put under the stained portion of the clothing. To aid in the absorption of treatment options as well as any ink that may come out.
  2. After that, soak a cotton ball with hairspray and press it hard on the stain to remove it.
  3. Blot the stain until it is absorbed on the fabric to the cotton ball, then continue this process. It is recommended that you continue doing this for as long as required and that you get your cotton ball changed if it becomes soiled.
  4. Once the stain has been completely removed, the fabric can be washed, based on the instructions on its label.

Hairspray Removes Marker Stains


Rubbing Alcohol

Permanent marker stains may also be removed with great success with the use of rubbing alcohol. Using rubbing alcohol to get rid of sharpie stains can be done through the following steps.

  1. Place paper towels in between the stain and the opposite side of the cloth, then add a little quantity of alcohol to the paper towels. Using this method, you can keep the stain from bleeding while you are cleaning it up. Constantly replacing the paper towels will ensure that they absorb the color much faster.
  2. Soak the sponge in rubbing alcohol until it is completely saturated, and then dab it around the stain. This also helps in preventing the stain from bleeding. Continue rubbing the stain with the sponge for approximately 5 minutes, dipping the sponge back into the basin if more alcohol is required.
  3. 3. Once you’ve completed the steps above, rinse the fabric with cold water to remove any remaining alcohol-based substance from it. The garment should next be washed in a washing machine according to package directions once the stain has been removed.



Use Bleach

Another method for removing a permanent marker from a cloth is to use bleach. This, however, is only applicable to white materials. This is because bleach may stain other hues, turning them white or lighter in color. To make use of bleach, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by diluting a small amount of bleach with water.
  2. Soak the stained area of the garment in the bleach and water solution for some minutes. In some cases, the stain may come out immediately, but in others, it may need further soaking time.
  3. If you need to soak the item even longer, keep a watch on the fabric to ensure that the bleach does not dissolve completely. If you see that the stain has vanished, you should rinse the item as soon as possible.

Bleach Removes Marker from Clothes



How Do You Get Dried Marker Out of Clothes?

A few products will be required for you to successfully remove permanent marker from dry garments. Here is what you will need: Items such as rubbing alcohol, as well as cloths or paper towels, are examples of what you will need.

  1. Place the soiled part of the fabric on top of a paper towel.
  2. Soak the paper towel or sponge in a bowl containing rubbing alcohol for a couple of minutes.
  3. Gently dab the paper towel or clothing around the stain to remove any excess liquid. Following that, you should dab the soaked clothes directly on the stain. You should only stop dabbing until the stain has been absorbed. If the stain is huge, you may need to replace the paper towels many times.

Equipment to Remove Sharpie from Fabric



Does Sharpie Wash Out of Clothes?

Sharpie has the potential to create permanent ink stains. These stains can be extremely stubborn, but they need not be permanent. Several things may influence how well you erase the marker stain. Utilizing tools that are intended to break down the oil and alcohol that are included in sharpie inks is the key to removing them from your fabrics. Once it is completed, you may use detergent to remove the stains from the fabric.

Can You Wash Marker Out of Clothes


Step-by-Step Guide to Removing Sharpie Stains

Knowing how to get sharpie out of fabric is essential if you want to keep your fabrics safe from difficult to remove stains. Generally, the whole process of sharpie removal from clothes is very simple. All you have to do now is make certain that you have all of the right supplies. The following are the steps to take to remove this ink from your clothes.


Step 1: Blot the Ink

Blotting the ink must be done as quickly as possible after finding the stain on your clothes. Blot paper or paper towels can be used to do this. Begin by placing a piece of paper on the fabric to prevent bleeding from the stain.


Step 2: Test the Solvent

There are many solvents commercially available. When choosing a solvent, you want to be as careful as possible to choose the right one based on your fabric type. You can also try out this solvent on a small piece of paper to see if it will cause any discoloration or cause more stains.


Step 3: Apply Solvent to Stain

How you apply your solvent will depend on the kind of solvent you have chosen. The solvent must be applied to the stain and you should let this solvent settle on the stain for some time. You may use a small cloth or sponge to dab the solvent on the stain. If you are using a solvent with a spray can or bottle, you can spray it on the stain directly.


Step 4: Rinse With Cold Water

Once you have successfully removed the stain, rinse the clothing using cold water. You may also try to wash and air dry your fabric just to be sure the stain is not visible anymore.



How to Remove Sharpie From Clothes

Don’t be concerned if you accidentally acquired a sharpie stain on one of your favorite apparel pieces. When it comes to removing it from various types of garment textiles, there are a variety of options available to you. The following are some suggestions for eliminating sharpie stains from different types of fabrics such as cotton, leather, and wool clothing.



The permanent marker may be removed from cotton using hairspray, which is an effective method. Make certain that the hairspray includes alcohol, since not all hairspray brands have this ingredient, which is essential for eradicating the stain. Use the steps below to remove stains from cotton

  1. Using hairspray with alcohol content, spray to the area until it becomes damp.
  2. Let the hairspray stay on the cotton surface for approximately 20 minutes.
  3. Place the fabrics in the washing machine. It must be placed alone so that the stain does not bleed over to other things.

Get Permanent Ink Out of Cotton



White vinegar may be used to remove permanent marker from leather without causing damage to the fabric. To thoroughly clean your leather garment, follow these three procedures.

  1. Wipe the stain with a towel soaked in vinegar before proceeding.
  2. Allow it to settle for a few minutes before continuing.
  3. Wipe the stain away using the same cloth, moving it in a circular pattern, to remove it.




Wool hairspray is an efficient method of removing marker from clothing made out of wool. Rather than dumping the garment in the wash after fixing the stains with hairspray, you may hand-wash it to avoid causing any harm to the piece.

  • Clean your wool item by following these steps:
  • To make the area wet, spritz hairspray over it.
  • Allow for 15 minutes before rinsing off.
  • Using cold water, gently hand-wash the garment.

Remove Marker Stains from Wool



Tips and Tricks for Getting Marker Stains Out of Clothing

  • When removing permanent marker stains, make sure to use alcohol-based products. Because they break up the ink, this method is quite successful. Applying the bleach product will follow shortly thereafter.
  • The pretreatment phase may need to be performed many times throughout the permanent marker removal procedure to get satisfactory results. If the stain is not fully gone, do not place your things in the hot dryer.
  • Always treat a permanent marker stain as soon as possible to avoid the ink drying out. Even though it may take some time to remove the stain, it is achievable.
  • If you’re working on a wet stain, be sure to remove any leftover ink by blotting the stain with a microfiber cloth once you’ve finished. Paper towels should never be used since they may dissolve when wet and leave microscopic particles that can easily get entangled in the fibers of your clothes and become contaminated. Never wipe or scrape the stain since doing so might cause it to spread; instead, dab lightly to prevent the stain from spreading.
  • Preventing fabric damage by testing a solvent on a small area of your garment is essential before using it on a larger piece of clothing. Before trying stain removal on a fragile fabric, read the care label to see whether the solvents would be harsh on it; otherwise, proceed with caution. The best course of action if your test area gets damaged or discolored is to have the garment cleaned by a professional dry cleaner.




How to Get Dry Erase Marker Out of Clothes

Dry erase markers are not soluble in water and must be used with caution. These are made up of solvents and pigments that release agents when exposed to heat. This makes getting rid of them difficult since the microscopic particles of color may come into contact with the cloth and get entangled in them throughout the process. The removal of dry erase markers from cloth may be accomplished through several methods.


Using Alcohol

Dry erase markers may be removed off clothing with great success using alcohol. For this procedure, you will need a sponge, paper towel, and some alcohol to complete the task. To remove the dry erase marker, use the instructions outlined below.

  1. Lay the paper towels out on a flat, hard surface to catch any spills. Place the cloth, stain side down, on the paper towels, and press down firmly.
  2. Using a sponge, apply alcohol to the area surrounding the stain marks.
  3. Continue to repeat the procedure until the stain is no longer visible on the fabric. If the paper towels get damp, they should be replaced.
  4. Thoroughly rinse the fabric with clean water to remove any remaining residue.

Hand Sanitizer Removes Permanent Ink


Hand Sanitizers

If you want to remove dry eraser markers from more delicate clothing, hand sanitizers are the most effective solution. Permanent marker removal from textiles may be accomplished with great success with hand sanitizers, which are far gentler than conventional alcohol-based cleaning agents. Dry erase marker stains on textiles may be removed by following the procedures outlined below:

  1. Thoroughly clean the fabric and ensure that it is free of dust. Cleaning agents such as sanitizer and dust may readily combine and adhere to clothing.
  2. Apply hand sanitizer on the stain and rub it in.
  3. Apply the sanitizer to the surface of the sponge in a gentle and use it on the stain in a circular manner. Allow it a few minutes for the sanitizer to work its magic.
  4. Rinse the fabric with cold water to remove any remaining alcohol.



Permanent marker stains on your clothing may be quite difficult to remove; however, with a few simple remedies, it is possible. Use of rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, and hairspray that includes alcohol are the most effective methods for removing permanent marker off your clothing. You may also use some household goods, such as nail polish removers, to get rid of these permanent marker marks. We hope this article helped you on how to get permanent marker out of clothes.



Frequently Asked Questions


How to Get Dry Erase Marker Out of Clothes?

Many procedures may be used to remove erase markers from cloth. If you are dealing with delicate clothing, you may use alcohol, which is the most efficient way, as well as hand sanitizers if you have them on hand.


What Is the Best Way to Remove Dried Permanent Marker Stains off Clothes?

Rubbing alcohol is a highly efficient method of removing permanent marker from your shirts and other items of clothing. Carefully dab around the stain and then directly on it after dipping a towel or tiny cloth in rubbing alcohol. Once the ink has been absorbed into the material, the fabric should be laundered according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Does Sharpie Wash Out of Clothes?

Sharpie will not simply wash out clothes. This type of stain is quite difficult to remove, but it can be done using the right methods and materials as discussed in this article.


Is Hand Sanitizer Effective in Removing Permanent Marker?

As a result of the high alcoholic content in hand sanitizers, they can be used to erase permanent marker stains from clothing. They also perform well for other types of stain removal and general cleanup.


Is It Possible to Erase Permanent Marker Stains Using Hairspray?

Permanent marker stains may be removed with the use of sprays with a high alcohol concentration. Synthetic fibers including polyester, as well as thick and robust textiles are the best candidates for such hairspray applications.


How to Get Sharpie Out of Fabric?

Various processes must be completed to remove sharpie from fabrics. Products, such as hand sanitizers, rubbing alcohol, and even hair spray can be effective tools for removing Sharpie stains.


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