Best Spray Paint for Graffiti

Best Spray Paint for Graffiti – Full Buying Guide

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Graffiti used to be regarded as vandalism, but today it has grown into a unique and amazing art form. There are now many well-known graffiti artists that use spray paint for art all over the world. So, manufacturers had to come up with the best spray paint for graffiti. Graffiti spray paint has to be versatile, as it needs to work on multiple surfaces and be able to resist harsh weather conditions. At the same time, graffiti paint artists are looking for paint that is vibrant and easy to use. Allow us to take you through the various best graffiti paint products available and what you need to know if you are thinking of purchasing spray paints yourself.



What is Graffiti Spray Paint?

Graffiti is different from most other art forms, as the spray paints need to work on a multitude of surfaces outdoors and endure varying weather conditions. This is something different from the usual art on canvas or paper. One of the main features is that of the graffiti spray can, as you cannot use a brush for this type of art. Graffiti paint products have a distinct effect and tend to dry quickly once applied.

Since graffiti spray paint is used on a variety of surfaces, it needs to have excellent adhesion properties. The most common surfaces include brick and concrete walls but there are also wood, metal, plastic, stone, and many other surfaces. Graffiti paint might also be used on surfaces that already has paint and other finishes on them. This is why it needs to work on most surfaces where preparation is not required.

This type of spray paint for art is mostly used outside, which is why the paint must be weather-resistant as well as durable. The best spray paint for art should be able to last quite some time, even though it is exposed to all kinds of conditions.

All these features of graffiti paint make it unique and extraordinary. There are quite a few spray paint brands, each with its own features. When selecting the best graffiti paint, you should consider your individual requirements.



The Best Graffiti Spray Paint

Graffiti spray can products are diverse, where you have many varieties of sheens, colors, spray paint brands, and finishes. All this information can be slightly confusing, which can make it difficult to choose the best spray paint for graffiti. To make things simpler, we have brought together some options for you. Below are three of our best graffiti spray possibilities.

Graffiti Spray Paint


Best General Graffiti Spray Paint Set: MONTANA BLACK Graffiti Spray Paint

The Montana Black Graffiti Spray Paint is considered to be one of the best spray paints for art products, as it offers a popular choice of twelve vibrant colors. This is a great set to get you started, as the variety provides an avenue for creativity, allowing for the opportunity to create all kinds of art and to practice graffiti paint styles.

MONTANA BLACK Graffiti Street Art Mural Spray Paint
  • Set of 12 Montana Black 400ml spray paint cans in popular colors
  • High-pressure paint designed for graffiti street art and murals
  • Great coverage, fast-drying, high-quality, and winter-proof
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Montana Black is considered is one of the top spray paint brands and is the first choice for many street artists. You get excellent coverage and fast-drying paint that is of a high quality when using this product. The manufacturers have made sure that the graffiti paint can handle harsh weather conditions. Another appealing factor is its ease of use and high-pressure nozzle. Any artist can spray with precision and create clean lines with vibrant colors that adhere to almost all surfaces.


  • Good value for money
  • 12 vibrant and beautiful colors
  • High-pressure nozzle with good precision
  • Weather-proof and extremely durable
  • Excellent coverage
  • Quick-drying and high quality


  • Thickness of colors can vary


Best Spray Paint for Art: MONTANA Hardcore MTN Spray Paint

The MTN Hardcore paint is the original premium graffiti spray paint from the popular Montana Brand. These paints available in multiple bright and vibrant colors that when dry will give you a glossy finish. As a contender for the best spray paint for art, this product can withstand harsh weather conditions and can be used anywhere without the risk of fading, even in wet weather. These spray paints dry quickly to a high-gloss finish. They are easy to use and offer excellent coverage.

MONTANA COLORS MTN Hardcore Spray Paint
  • Breakthrough synthetic glossy formula
  • Clean, precise application for a variety of surfaces
  • Consistent pressure and even paint flow
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As this graffiti paint is manufactured specifically for street art, it has great adhesion properties and can be used on any number of surfaces. You can paint and spray to create vivid images that will last for a long time. The product is compatible with all nozzles and (male) caps and provide consistent pressure when in use. This helps to prevent any drips and will give you an even finish. You can also use the cap provided to create outlines for your artwork.


  • Set of 12 colors in 400 ml spray cans
  • High-quality gloss finish
  • Excellent coverage
  • Fast-drying
  • Long-lasting and durable color


  • Caps can clog if not cleaned after each use


Best All-Purpose Graffiti Spray Can: KRYLON Fusion All-in-One Spray Paint

The Krylon Fusion Spray Paint is the best graffiti spray for all types of surfaces and can be used for DIY projects as well as street art projects. This spray paint for art has excellent adhesion properties, which means that it can be used without any previous sanding or priming. The layer of spray paint will also protect all kinds of indoor and outdoor surfaces from developing rust. 

KRYLON Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint
  • All-in-one spray paint
  • Durable and protects from rust
  • Quick to dry with a satin black finish
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The spray paint dries to an uncommon matte finish and is easy to use as a result of the well-designed push nozzle. You can spray the can from any angle and expect quick drying times. Unfortunately, there are only a few colors available for street artists, as it is geared more towards home DIY enthusiasts. The satin black graffiti paint is still a great choice, however, as a graffiti paint can come in handy as a black outliner.


  • Easy to use at any angle
  • Dries quickly with no drips
  • Comfortable push nozzle
  • Can be used on indoor and outdoor projects
  • Good coverage
  • Trusted brand


  • Not many colors available
  • Nozzle can clog if not cleaned properly



Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Graffiti Spray Paint

There are some factors to consider when purchasing the best graffiti spray paint, as DIY products can differ and may require a different graffiti spray paint. For example, what colors are available, the finish, or the way you use and maneuver it. Check out some of these factors below.

Spray Paint for Art


The Spray Nozzle

The best spray paint for graffiti needs a variety of colors that are vibrant and long-lasting. You can get some spray paints that come in sets with a selection of colors, as well as others that you purchase individually. The choice depends on what the graffiti artist wants to achieve. Maybe black and white is the style of some artists, while others prefer a wider selection. Make sure when you buy a set that each color is available as a single can, so you do not have to purchase the entire set again just for one color.


Graffiti Spray Paint Adhesion

Graffiti spray paints can usually be used on a variety of surfaces, so they must have excellent adhesion properties. However, you might get some spray paints that do not adhere to all surfaces as effectively. So, it is important to select a spray paint that is versatile and can adhere to surfaces without the need for sanding or priming.


Spray Paint Finish

Graffiti is a unique art form and requires a wide range of colors and paint finishes. There are finishes that range from glossy to matte and colors that are vibrant to those that are more subtle. The results all depend on the individual artist; you just need to double-check that you have the correct product before purchasing.


Graffiti Spray Can Pressure

The best graffiti spray needs to come in a high-pressure can, as this offers more precision when working on finer lines. You do get lower-pressure spray cans that are better for covering broader areas. Thankfully, you have a choice in what would best suit your needs, as there is a variety of spray paints available.

Graffiti Paint


Long-Lasting Graffiti Paint

The best graffiti spray is usually long-lasting and durable. However, there is paint that can be affected by scratches, rain, and your basic wear and tear. Make sure that you choose a graffiti paint designed for outdoor use. Since graffiti artists paint on surfaces outside in all weather conditions, it is best to choose the correct product. Graffiti paint must be able to withstand severe weather conditions and UV light exposure.


Graffiti Paint Coverage

You need to look for the best graffiti spray paint, as these products always have excellent coverage. You should be able to get quite a bit of paint evenly over a large area every time you spray. To create the perfect finish, each spray color should provide high coverage.


The art of graffiti is something that requires some skill. With the proper spray paints, you will be able to achieve the best and most durable art pieces. We hope that this article has been informative and helpful, and that it has inspired you to go and get the best graffiti spray paint so that you can create your best work.



Frequently Asked Questions


Is Graffiti Paint Waterproof?

Yes, graffiti paint needs to be waterproof as it is sprayed on all kinds of surfaces in all kinds of weather, including rain. Always check the spray paint you purchase to see if it is for outdoor use.


Can Spray Paint Be Toxic?

There are many spray paint brands, each with its own formulas and ingredients. This means that the level of toxicity can vary. However, spray paints will always give off fumes and chemicals that can be harmful. To prevent inhaling any toxic fumes, it is always best to wear a mask.


Is It Possible to Layer Graffiti Spray Paints?

Yes, you can layer graffiti paints. The first paint coat must be thoroughly dry before you paint on another layer. If you want the paint to adhere properly over the other paint, it is best that you lightly sand the area and then paint over it. 


Are Graffiti Spray Paints Acrylic-Based or Oil-Based?

Graffiti paint is acrylic-based and will stick to a variety of surfaces. The acrylic-based spray paints are also much easier to use. Oil-based paints will not work effectively as a spray can option.


Do Graffiti Spray Paints Have a Long Shelf-Life?

The shelf-life of spray paint does differ from product to product. Generally, spray paint can last from anywhere between 2 to 3 years when it is stored properly in the can.


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